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Work from Home – FAQs on Licensing and Accessing Company Data

Published on: 24-05-2022

Work from Home – FAQs on Licensing and Accessing Company Data

Scenario: Due to lockdown during Pandemic, I want to access my TallyPrime license from home and start working with my company data. How do I do?

The following are the few common scenarios or frequently asked questions (FAQ). Refer to the questions and the solution based on your scenario.

I have activated my TallyPrime license on the office computer. I can access the office computer using a remote desktop connection (RDP) or other virtual platforms. How can I use the same license on my laptop or computer available at home?

Can I shift my license from one computer to another?

I am using a single-user license. I have my license and data on my computer. How can I give access to the data to another user?

I am using a multi-user license. Can I access the TallyPrime license remotely?

I have reactivated the single/multi-user license on my home computer. I want to give access to another user to view the reports remotely.


I have a data backup available with me. I need a temporary license to work from home. How do I go about it?

I have activated my license as a multi-site license. Can I use my license anywhere anytime?

Can I access the TallyPrime license and data over a Cloud platform? How can I remotely access my company data which is hosted/available at my office computer? Add to Favourites

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